Scaffolding in the process of building, upgrading and moving links

May 02, 2018

The rapid development of science and technology, and new technology, new material, new technology constantly, the types of scaffolding products more and more, high strength aluminum alloy material is more and more extensive application in this respect, with the advantages of various aspects, enables the scaffolding to the domestic many enterprises and institutions, hotels, equipment maintenance and cleaning cleaning is widely used gradually.


In the process of application, the scaffolding structures and use after detailed check all details are correct, including to check all of the components, to ensure that all parts are intact, defect parts should be timely supplement or replace; Ensure that all solder joints are not soldered; And no cracks in all fittings; Without extrusion or bump, there are obvious dents, and all pipes with more than 5mm indentation are not allowed to use. The threaded parts of adjustable legs should be kept clean and lubricated.


In order to ensure the maximum safety of scaffolding in the construction and use process, the installation should be strictly followed. The first step is to check all the components on the site to ensure that the ground on which the scaffolding is built and moved can provide enough stable and solid support. The maximum bearing capacity of each scaffold is 750kg, and the maximum weight of single platform plate is 250kg. In the process of construction and use, only the inside of the scaffold can be climbed, and the working height of any material box or other high objects can not be used on the platform.


When scaffolding is built, the lifting of scaffold components shall be made of reliable materials, such as special hoisting support, coarse rope, etc., and use the seat belt; In the case of non-standard or large scaffold, external support or weight shall be used, and the weight shall be used at the bottom to prevent the large scaffold from tipping over; When working in an externally supported environment, the weight should be used with solid material, which can be placed on the overload support leg, and the weight should be placed safely to prevent accidental removal.


There is also the movement of scaffolding, which can only be carried out by manpower to drive the bottom level of the whole shelf; When moving, pay attention to nearby appliances, especially air lines. No one or other object is allowed in case of fall or injury; When external support is outside the wall, the outer support can only leave the ground sufficient distance; To avoid obstacles, the height of the scaffold should not exceed 2.5 times of the minimum base size.