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Scaffolding is divided into several categories according to the material of the rod

Jul 13, 2019

Scaffolding can be divided into one type of scaffolding of single-size steel pipe according to the material of the bar. It uses only one type of steel pipe, such as fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding, and only uses Ф48×3.5 electric welded steel pipe. Another type of scaffolding with a combination of steel tubes of various specifications. It consists of two or more steel pipes of different specifications, such as door scaffolding.


There is also a type of scaffolding based on steel pipes. That is, the steel pipe is mainly used, and supplemented by scaffolding made of other steel bars, such as scaffolding with channel steel top or base, and scaffolding for connecting steel plates. If you want workers to be safe, then you need to set up the scaffolding parts.


Scaffolding rods are required to be square and straight; the deviation of the verticality and spacing of the guide rails shall not exceed ±10mm; the poles shall be buried in the soil with a requirement of not less than 50cm of scaffolding fittings, and the bottom layer of the scissor support shall also be grounded. . When the pull rod is attached, the pole of the loading rod must be tied with a double rod or be properly reinforced; the top of the derrick should be laid with a scaffolding for the refueling of the sky wheel and tied tightly.www.eg-scaffold.com