Scaffolding load and safety factor

Jul 17, 2019

The use of the scaffolding load is based on the actual load on the scaffolding board. The multi-slide scaffolding of a traditional ship is built on the scaffolding. Only one row and three layers are allowed. It must be calculated and tried. The load used in general is 27MT for construction work.

The scaffolding is more frequent and the construction load changes greatly. Therefore, the safety factor is generally calculated by the allowable stress. Considering a total safety factor, it is customary to take 3. The load of the vertical transport frame is taken according to the actual demand. The safety factor is taken as K = the power factor of the hanging plate is 1.3.

The mobile scaffolding is mainly composed of basic structures such as cross support, connecting rod, gantry and shackle type scaffolding or horizontal frame, and then horizontal reinforcing rods, sweeping rods, brackets and bases, and scissors support. Mobile steel scaffolding can be used not only as an external scaffold, but also as an internal scaffold or as a full scaffold.

The span of the gantry of the mobile scaffolding needs to meet the relevant regulations, and it must conform to the specifications of the cross bracing. The distance between the erection of the gantry and the wall should not exceed 150 mm; the intersection of the inside and the outside of the gantry needs to be set. The support and the locking pins on the gantry are locked to each other. On the operating layer of the mobile scaffolding, it is necessary to continuously cover the shackle-type scaffolding board matched with the gantry, and the baffle plate is fastened to prevent the scaffolding board from loosening and falling