Scaffolding requirements for lateral support and scissor support

Jul 28, 2018

When there is more contact, it will be found that lateral support and scissors will be provided in the scaffolding, which will ensure good results during use and ensure the safety of personnel. The width of the scaffolding support of the scaffold is not less than 4 spans, not less than 6 m, and the angle between the diagonal pole and the ground is 45 to 60 degrees; the length of the rod of the scissors and the overlap, the length of the overlap is not less than 1 m.


The scissor bar is fixed with a rotating fastener at a horizontal end of the cross bar or the column, and the rotating fastener is used for fixing the 100 mm edge of the scaffolding steel pipe and the fastener; the distance between the center line of the rotating fastener and the main node should not be more than 150 mm. The scissor bracket is erected at the same time as the vertical rod and the horizontal and horizontal horizontal rods, and the lower end of each bottom slant rod must be supported on the block and the back plate.


The lateral supports of the scaffolding are arranged in the same section, and are arranged continuously from top to bottom, and the horizontal adjacent supports are arranged at the corners and the middle of the scaffold. At the actual setting, the brackets of the scissors must be installed at the corners of the building. The number of rods of each bridge span should be between 5 and 7. The width of each scissor should not be less than 4 spans and not less than 6 m. The inclination of the diagonal rods to the ground should be between 45 and 60 degrees. On the other hand, the scissors are continuously set in the longitudinal direction.


The scissor bar on the scaffolding should be fixed to the outrigger end of the rotating fastener horizontal rod or vertical rod. The distance between the centerline of the rotating fastener and the master node should not exceed 375px. The support length of the scissors is overlapped and the length of the overlap is not less than 2000px.