Scaffolding specifications you must understand

Aug 12, 2019

First, the choice of adjustable support is, the bearing capacity design value should not be less than 40kN, the support plate thickness should not be less than 5mm.

Second, a horizontal horizontal rod must be set at the main node, which is fastened with right angle fasteners and is strictly prohibited to be removed.

3. When the foundation of the scaffolding pole is not at the same height, the longitudinal sweeping rod of the high position must be extended to extend the two spans and the pole, and the height difference should not be greater than 1 m. The distance from the axis of the pole above the slope to the slope should not be less than 500mm.

4. Single-row, double-row and full-stand scaffolding poles are long. In addition to the top-level top steps, the other joints of each layer must be connected by butt fasteners.

5. The two ends of the open scaffolding shall be provided with wall-connecting parts. The vertical spacing of the connected wall parts shall not be greater than the floor height of the building and shall not exceed 4 m.

6. Double-row scaffolding with a height of 24m and above shall be provided with scissors support continuously on the outer full façade; single and double-row scaffolds with a height of 24m or less shall have façades at the outer ends, corners and intermediate intervals not exceeding 15m. On the top, each set of scissors support, and should be continuously set from bottom to top.

There are many specifications to be aware of depending on the type of scaffolding. A good shelf worker can understand the pros and cons in the shortest time in the face of each new product, and can quickly grasp the relevant precautions.