Scaffolding steel pipe and spiral steel pipe production process and performance difference

Aug 16, 2018

Although the steel pipes and spiral steel pipes used for scaffolding are all welded steel pipes, and they are widely used in national production and construction, scaffolding steel pipes and spiral steel pipes have many differences due to different production processes, mainly in terms of performance and production efficiency.


In contrast, the production process of scaffolding steel pipes is relatively simple, mainly high-frequency welding straight seam steel pipes and submerged arc welding scaffolding steel pipes, so it has high production efficiency, low cost and rapid development. The main process of spiral steel pipe is submerged arc welding, so the strength is relatively high, and the welded pipe with different pipe diameter can be produced by the blank of the same width, and the welded pipe with larger diameter can be produced with the narrow blank.


Therefore, the smaller-diameter scaffolding steel pipes are mostly straight seam welded, and the large-diameter welded pipes are mostly spiral welded. In the industry, the production of larger caliber scaffolding steel tubes will use T-welding technology, which will be abutting a short length of scaffolding steel pipe to meet the length required by the project, but this process will increase the possibility of cracking.