Scaffolding width specifications and safety design considerations

Aug 16, 2019

The construction of the outer walls of a typical multi-storey building uses double-row scaffolding. For the construction of high-rise buildings, if scaffolding is used, safety accounting must be done. There should be a clear understanding of heavy scaffolding. Generally, if the thickness of the slab exceeds 300mm, it should be considered according to the design of heavy scaffolding. The scaffolding load exceeds 15KN/mm2, and expert argumentation should be organized. 

It is necessary to distinguish the length of the steel pipe in the scaffold. The length of the steel pipe has a great influence on the bearing. For the template support, the upper free length should not be too long. Generally, it is less than 500mm. Generally, the uppermost step and the lowermost step are the most stressed. Should be used as the main calculation point. When the bearing capacity is not full, the pole should be increased to reduce the step.