Selection of inclined ladders inside aluminum scaffolding

Mar 09, 2019

The inclined ladder inside the aluminum scaffold is not a necessary accessory for the product, but many people do not know whether to buy or not when purchasing the product, and what kind of inclined ladder will be more practical. Whether the aluminum scaffolding needs to climb the ladder depends mainly on two aspects. On the one hand, whether it needs to carry a certain weight when climbing.


The aluminum scaffold itself can be used for climbing. The construction personnel can climb up to 90 degrees along the aluminum scaffold itself. However, for a construction worker who needs to carry a certain weight, climbing a 90-degree straight ladder is more difficult and prone to accidents. If you need to carry heavy loads to the upper construction unit, it is best to buy a diagonal ladder.


On the other hand, it is necessary to consider the height of the climbing. Since the aluminum scaffold itself can climb up to 90 degrees, it is not difficult to climb 3-5 meters, but if you encounter a dozen or even 30 meters of aluminum scaffolding When climbing up to the top of the aluminum scaffold by the straight ladder, it is quite tired, so if the aluminum scaffold is more than 6 meters, the inclined ladder can be added according to the actual needs.


If the aluminum scaffold needs to choose a diagonal ladder, choose a 75 degree inclined ladder or a 45 degree inclined ladder. Long-term practical experience tells us that the 75-degree inclined ladder is of course the best, not only easy to use but also easy to store, which can bring more convenience to