Selection of scaffolding steel pipe structure and its protective measures

Jan 17, 2019

The scaffolding door opening should be in the form of a rising slanting bar and a parallel string truss structure. The slanting bar and the ground tilting angle should be between 45° and 60°; the splayed struts should be selected from the long poles, and the rotating fasteners should be used to define the small intersecting The crossbar is extended or crosses the small crossbar; the two poles under the door tunnel truss shall be double poles, the height of the secondary poles shall be higher than the door opening 1 to 2 steps; the ends of the poles extending the upper and lower chords, A non-slip fastener should be provided. Anti-slip fasteners should be close to the fasteners at the main node


Before starting to build scaffolding, special construction plans should be prepared and approved, and the certificates of steel pipes and fasteners should be inspected and sampled for re-examination. The steel pipe of the scaffolding shall be horizontal and vertical, and the large crossbar of the transfer position shall not exceed 200mm of the corner, and the exposed part of the small crossbar shall be uniform in length.


The outside of the scaffold is filled with a mesh safety net. The scaffolding is attached with a yellow paint on the outside of the pole. Each set or two sets of scissors supports a 200mm skirting board, which is fixed on the outside of the pole. The skirting board is painted with yellow and black warning color paint. The main node has It is necessary to set up a horizontal horizontal rod, which is fastened with a right angle fastener and is strictly forbidden to be removed; the inspection is carried out before use, and the inspection pass chart is