Setting requirements for fall protection devices in aluminum scaffolding

Dec 21, 2018

The regulations clearly state that if the aluminum scaffold is about 3 meters above the ground level, the worker must be equipped with a personal fall protection device; and when it is erected or removed, the full-time security officer must decide when to use the fall protection device. For most aluminum scaffolding, protective railings must be located at all sides and at both ends of the frame.


For supported aluminum scaffolding and other forms of aluminum scaffolding, protective railings or personal fall protection are sufficient. But for gouge aluminum scaffolding, protective railings and personal fall protection, both are required; and safety harnesses are used instead of safety belts to prevent personal fall.


When the aluminum scaffolding operation platform is less than 35.56 cm, the working side does not need to be a protective railing; the operation surface of the plastering and slatting strip needs to reach 45.72 cm, so the outer extension of the steel picking beam and the building façade shall not exceed 7.62 cm. On aluminum scaffolding walkways, the gap between the scaffolding and the protective railings must not exceed 24.13 cm. Do not leave construction waste on the scaffolding to avoid