Structural design and safety inspection of aluminum scaffold

Dec 07, 2018

Aluminum scaffold refers to scaffold made of aluminum alloy. Compared with traditional bamboo scaffold and steel scaffold, aluminum scaffold has greater advantages. Its weight is one-third that of traditional iron scaffold, the aluminum scaffold with universal joints is a triangular connection structure, and it is the most stable force.


The aluminum scaffold adopts a button-type design and does not require any installation tools. It saves time and effort and improves work efficiency compared with traditional scaffold. With these advantages, aluminum scaffold has been widely promoted and used in China. Before building and using aluminum scaffold, please check the following to be accurate.


Inspect all components to ensure that the components are intact, and the defective parts should be replenished or replaced in time; all the solder joints should also be inspected to ensure that all solder joints are not soldered; the tubes are inspected, all the tubes are free of cracks; no extrusion or bumps Obvious dents produced. Pipes with more than 5mm dents shall not be used; the threads of the adjustable legs shall be kept clean and