Techniques for building scaffolding applications

Jun 16, 2020

1. Regardless of the type of scaffolding, the materials and processing quality of the scaffolding need to meet the requirements of the regulations. It is forbidden to use unqualified materials to build scaffolding to prevent accidents.

2. The general scaffolding needs to be erected according to the scaffolding safety technical operation regulations. For high-level scaffolding with a height of more than 15m, it needs design, calculation, detailed drawing, erection plan, approval by the person in charge of technology, and written safety technical explanation. Then it can be set up.

3. For the dangerous and special hanging, picking, hanging, socket, stacking and other shelves, it also needs to be designed and approved. Only by establishing separate safety technical measures can it be established.

4. After the construction team accepts the task, it is necessary to organize all the personnel to carefully understand the design of the scaffolding special safety construction organization and the disclosure of safety technical measures, discuss the method of setting up, and send good technology and experience.