The advantages of ringlock and cuplock scaffolding

Apr 18, 2018

There are two different types of scaffolds, but they are not the same except for use.


The first is ringlock scaffolding, which is a multifunctional scaffold that can be combined in different sizes according to the requirements of construction.However, each time it is removed and used, it is very simple. It can shorten the time of construction and reflect the advantages of high efficiency. At the same time, it has high bearing capacity, bending resistance and so on. Since the scaffold is designed naturally with the influence of gravity, the shear capacity is also at its maximum when used so that it is rarely damaged during use.


The other is cuplock scaffolding, as a kind of socket type steel pipe scaffold, it has a unique toothed bowl buckle joint, a spell demolition rapidly, energy saving, stable and reliable structure, equipped with perfect, strong commonality, large bearing capacity, safe and reliable, easy to machining, but not easily lost, easy to manage, easy to transport, the characteristics of wide application, greatly improving the work efficiency.