The attention of aluminum scaffolding in the construction of high-rise buildings

Dec 15, 2018

The overall structure of the aluminum scaffolding is a "building block" combination design with standardization and no parts on the parts. So we only need two workers at the time of installation, and we can build an aerial work platform in a short time without any tools installed.


When aluminum scaffolding is applied in the construction of high-rise buildings, the support structure that is shaped and needs to be strengthened by rotary expansion and contraction is applied to the outer balcony, cantilever beam, and the geometrical section of the variable section. The characteristics of the high-rise building are more effective; and the truss is supported at the bottom. The above needs to be formulated according to the number of building molds and needs to be disassembled by bolts to be basically finalized, assembled, standardized, and highly versatile.


The aluminum scaffolding adopts the function of the climbing frame. It takes 3~5 to save the labor cost for the climbing frame and the effect of shortening the construction period. The effect is very significant and the cost can be reduced. The material cost is saved. The climbing frame body is 4 to 4.5 times. According to the construction progress, the floor-to-floor lifting ratio is 40% lower than that of the double-row outer scaffolding surface.


The aluminum scaffolding is connected to the axis of each node of the vertical main frame and the bottom supporting truss group transmission force system, and the point force is reasonable and the overall stability. Vertical main frame steel frame guide The vertical inner frame of the main frame needs to be installed and dismantled by the height change of the building layer; and the outer and outer parts of the use are easy to use for civilized construction and the shape is regular, flat and beautiful.