The button-type scaffold has a unique and stable structure

Mar 10, 2019

In order to meet the needs of market development, we have introduced advanced socket-type scaffolding production equipment to develop and produce disc-type scaffolding. As the most commonly used aerial work equipment, the frequent use of scaffolding makes maintenance and repair special. important.


The snap-on scaffolding structural components are made of reinforced nylon with high yield and tension to withstand large impact forces. The body tube is made of reinforced glass fiber resin material and has strong tensile strength. As an easy-to-build, safest and most rugged scaffold, it is widely used worldwide.


The disc-type scaffolding adopts a unique patented design with a stable structure to ensure that the anti-drop connector has superior performance without strong sturdiness and is superior to other similar products in the world. The built-in diagonal diagonal support fasteners reduce frame distortion and enhance scaffolding for optimum robustness and stability.


The snap-on scaffolding is equipped with the most convenient vertical straight ladder built in, reducing the number of parts used at the same height. Ensuring that the user can safely reach the platform position is suitable for an explosive high-risk atmosphere to ensure the smooth running of the