The difference between aluminum scaffolding and bolt scaffolding

Jul 12, 2019

The aluminum scaffold is distinguished from its structure and can be structurally divided into aluminum alloy screw scaffolding and aluminum alloy pin type scaffolding. The former is assembled with all screw structures, and the labor cost is large, but the structure is simple and the bearing is good. Screw-type aluminum scaffolding has been market-proven, and is widely accepted by customers and accepts the structural concept of screw scaffolding.


The aluminum scaffolding of the bolt is directly connected by bolts during installation, which is simple and convenient, greatly saves labor costs and improves work efficiency. The appearance is beautiful and bearable, and the purchase cost of the plug frame on the market is higher than that of the screw aluminum frame.


Common accessories for bolt aluminum scaffolding include square sleeve, square head, base, support, cross arm, hanging hoist and counter head. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy welding, and its characteristics are both beautiful, durable, generous and convenient. The plug-type aluminum scaffolding can be customized according to customer