The difference between aluminum scaffolding and traditional scaffolding

Jun 04, 2020

Most of the scaffolding on the market today is mainly made of iron and steel, and this type of raw material scaffolding is very clumsy to use, and the overall planning is crude, and the safety function is low, which has caused repeated accidents such as accidental collapse of the scaffolding in the market. . In some developed countries, an aluminum raw material scaffold has already been developed and is widely used by corporate users. Because of the high strength of the connection of its components and the scientific support of organizational planning, the whole structure is safe and stable. All use simple and solid aluminum as raw material. The weight of the scaffold is much lighter than the traditional scaffold, so it is very convenient to use.

First of all, all components of aluminum alloy scaffolding are made of special aluminum materials. The components are light in weight and easy to install and move. The connection strength of the components is high, and the internal expansion and external pressure manual is selected, and the load bearing is much greater than that of the traditional scaffolding.

Thirdly, it is simple and convenient to build and disassemble externally. Building-block planning is adopted, and no installation is needed. Strong applicability, suitable for various types of operation channels, and the operation is highly arbitrary.

In summary, aluminum scaffolding thoroughly outperforms traditional iron and steel scaffolding in terms of professional planning and safety features. Now in China, more and more corporate users are using aluminum scaffolding.