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The difference between architectural scaffolding and decorative scaffolding

Jun 19, 2020

Architectural scaffolding applications are mainly in the fields of housing construction, civil engineering, etc., and decorative scaffolding is a tool used in the architectural decoration industry, and there are certain nuances in the application. The construction scaffolding is in the construction process, because of the internal force requirements and the components, the scaffolding needs to be connected, and the decorative scaffolding is a scaffolding made for beautiful appearance. The two have different roles.

On the other hand, decorative scaffolding is a tool used for decoration alone, and architectural scaffolding is also used when doing the main building project, and is also used for decoration. Everyone knows that architectural scaffolding is also called structural scaffolding. Its vertical pole spacing, step distance, load bearing capacity and decorative scaffolding are different. The vertical pole spacing and step distance are smaller than decorative scaffolding, and the load bearing capacity is larger than decorative scaffolding, so Unilateral labor and materials are more than decorative scaffolding.

In short, these two scaffolding are a safe construction tool that can be used in the construction industry