The excellent features of structural design and use of ringlock scaffolding

May 28, 2018

There are many different types of scaffolding, each of which is different from the others. Like the ringlock scaffold, it is convenient to use when loading and unloading. It is safe and reliable, so it plays a very important role in today’s life, especially in construction. Decoration is more convenient and practical.


As a common activity scaffolding in the construction industry, ringlock scaffolds are often used for large-scale construction, stage erection, warehouse storage, and the like. According to the specific construction requirements, the ringlock scaffold can be used to construct a variety of construction equipment such as single-row, double-row scaffolds, support frames, support columns, and material lifting racks with various module sizes and loads of 0.6m. Make curve layout.


Moreover, the scaffold can be used together with adjustable bottom bracket, adjustable upper bracket, double adjustable early demolition, pick beam, pick frame and the like, and can be used together with various steel pipe scaffolds to achieve various versatility. Not only can it be erected on any uneven slopes and stepped foundations; it can support ladder-shaped stencils to realize early demolition of stencils; it can also set up access roads to provoke flying wings; realize various functions of support;


The ringlock scaffold is composed of three types of components: vertical pole, crossbar and diagonal pull rod. Pole, crossbar and diagonal pull rod are all made in the factory, which not only prevents the traditional scaffolding from being easily lost, but also easily damaged. The problem is to reduce the economic loss of the construction unit; at the same time there are no active locking parts to avoid potential safety hazards.


In use, only the cross-bar ends of the cross-bar of the ringlock scaffold need to be inserted into the corresponding tapered holes on the pole, and the assembly is completed after the tapping, thereby reducing the labor time and labor remuneration, reducing the freight and reducing the overall cost. In addition, the axial transmission force of the vertical pole makes the scaffold in three-dimensional space, high structural strength, good overall stability and reliable axial shear resistance.


In the ringlock scaffold, an independent wedge is used to insert the self-locking mechanism. Due to interlocking and gravity, even if the bolt is not tightened, the cross bar plug cannot be pulled out. Moreover, the plug-in has a self-locking function, which can be locked or unplugged by depressing the plug to be disassembled, and the contact surface between the fastener and the pillar is large, thereby increasing the bending strength of the steel pipe and ensuring the combination of the two. Skew will not appear.