The importance of setting skirting boards in aluminum scaffolding

Jul 26, 2018

The aluminum scaffolding skirting board may be unfamiliar to many people. It is actually a component that is placed vertically on the edge of the top work platform to protect the construction personnel from being accidentally stepped on when working, or to prevent it from being placed on the platform work board. Things falling into the tower cause damage to ground personnel.


Under normal circumstances, construction workers who work at heights rarely pay attention to their own feet. This often poses a hidden danger to safety. If there is no skirting board for aluminum scaffolding, people accidentally step on the air when working at height, or the work platform is mistaken. It is unimaginable to kill the objects on the ground and smash them to other people on the ground. Therefore, when using aluminum scaffolding, the skirting board must be used together.


The qualified aluminum scaffolding skirting board is designed in strict accordance with the European standard EN1004, with a height of 0.1m to meet the work protection requirements, and for the convenience of installation and portability. Some manufacturers design the aluminum scaffolding skirting board to be foldable and can be bundled for easy handling and storage.


To control the quality of building aluminum scaffolding, we must first pick up the raw materials, followed by the control of the production process. In addition to the raw materials of the scaffolding body, the raw materials of the accessories are also critical.