The installation process of Scaffold Aluminum Rooftop System

Apr 30, 2020

The process of erection of the shelf: locating the spring on the firm foundation, positioning the upright rod → placing the sweeping rod → erected the vertical rod and fastening with the sweeping rod → installing the small horizontal rod for sweeping, and fastening with the vertical rod and sweeping rod → installing the first step The big crossbar is fastened with each vertical bar → install the first step small crossbar → install the second step large crossbar → install the second step small crossbar → add a temporary diagonal brace, the upper end and the second step large crossbar Fasten (remove after installing the connecting rod with the column) → install the third and four-step large crossbars and small crossbars → install the second layer and the column tie rods → connect the upright rods → add shear braces → lay the scaffolding board, bind and protect And footboards, vertical safety nets.