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The key factors for the successful construction of scaffolding

Mar 01, 2019

In order to make the scaffolding construction process more fast and stable, we need to pay attention to the inspection work before the scaffolding is set up. Some long-time use, with decaying scaffolding, affects the stability of the erection. Therefore, these products should not be selected as much as possible. The safety of a part.


Scaffolding erection requires careful and careful preparation of each step of the work to ensure the stability of the scaffolding, thus preventing the user from falling and falling. Some scaffolding workers have too many construction workers and are seriously overloaded. For those who use scaffolding on the personnel, it is indicated that the overloading phenomenon is prevented and the scaffold collapses.


It should be noted that the construction personnel should pay attention to the construction of the scaffolding. No other people should enter the construction site, and the scaffolding should not be shaken to avoid adverse effects on it. This will hinder the rapid and stable construction of the scaffolding and further interfere with it. Normal use.www.eg-scaffold.com