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The order of removing the scaffold

Jan 15, 2020

(1) Remove the top handrail and railings from the span, then remove the scaffolding (or horizontal frame) and escalator section, and then remove the horizontal rod reinforcement rod and scissors support.

(2) Remove the cross braces from the top straddle edge, and simultaneously remove the top brace connecting the wall rod and the top door frame.

(3) Continue to remove the second step gantry and accessories synchronously. The free cantilever height of the scaffold must not exceed three steps, otherwise a temporary pull knot should be added.

(4) Continuously and synchronously disassemble down. For connecting wall poles, long horizontal poles, and scissor supports, they must be removed after the scaffolding has been removed to the relevant span door frame.

(5) Remove the sweeping rod, bottom door frame and sealing rod.

(6) Remove the base and remove the pads and blocks.