The process of removing the scaffold steel pipe

Sep 15, 2019

1. Scaffold steel pipe removal process: safety net→removal of guardrail→removal of scaffold board→removal of horizontal bar→removal of longitudinal bar→removal of shear support→removal of upright rod→drawing rod to the ground→removal of fasteners→stacking according to specifications.

2. Before the scaffold is removed, the on-site technicians and full-time safety personnel must make safety technical explanations to the operators before they can be removed.

3. When disassembling and placing the rod, 2-3 people should coordinate the operation. When removing the large crossbar, the person standing in the center should pass the rod down. It is strictly forbidden to let go, and it is strictly prohibited to throw scaffolding materials down.

4. The removal of multi-layer scaffolding should be carried out from top to bottom along the four sides of the pier body, and cannot be operated together or removed step by step.