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The requirements for aluminum scaffolding to set up the frame and the building tie knot

Jan 29, 2019

When the aluminum scaffold is erected, the wall member for the frame and the building is suitable for setting on the main node. It is better not to be more than 300 mm away from the main node. If it is larger than 300 mm, it is required. Do the strengthening measures. Especially when the wall piece is near 1/2 of the pole step, it must be adjusted.


It is also necessary to set up from the first step of the first step of the horizontal horizontal bar, and this wall piece is more suitable for the arrangement of the diamond shape, of course, it can also adopt a square or rectangular arrangement. The connecting wall parts shall be connected to the building by rigid wall members. The wall bar is suitable for horizontal setting. When horizontal setting is not possible, the end that needs to be connected to the aluminum scaffold should be slanted downwards. The upward slanting connection should not be used.


For the one-shaped and open-type aluminum scaffolding, it is necessary to provide the wall parts at both ends, because the vertical spacing of the wall-to-wall parts needs to be less than the height of the building, and it should not be greater than 4m or 2 steps; the aluminum scaffolding should be matched. The construction schedule shall be set up. The height of one erection shall not exceed two steps above the adjacent wall.


During the use of aluminum scaffolding, it is forbidden to remove the wall parts. Because this wall piece must be removed layer by layer with the scaffolding, it is forbidden to remove the scaffolding after the whole layer or several layers of the wall are removed; and the section height should be less than two. step.www.eg-scaffold.com