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The role, basic requirements, classification of scaffolding

Aug 15, 2019

First, the role of scaffolding

1. Can be constructed on scaffolding;

2. Stacking materials on the scaffolding;

3. Can be transported on scaffolding.

Second, the basic requirements of scaffolding

1. The width of the scaffold is generally about 2m, and the minimum is not less than 1.5m;

2. During the construction period, the scaffolding will not be deformed under various loads, and will not be shaken or tilted;

3. Easy to disassemble, easy to carry, and can be used repeatedly;

4. According to local conditions, take materials locally and try to save materials.

Third, the classification of scaffolding

1. According to the position of the building: external scaffolding, scaffolding;

2. According to the support method: floor-standing scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, wall-mounted suspension scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, attached lifting scaffolding, horizontal moving scaffolding;

3. According to the architecture: bar combined scaffolding, frame combined scaffolding, lattice combined scaffolding, gantry;

4. According to the setting form: single row scaffolding, double row scaffolding, multi-row scaffolding, full scaffolding, full scaffolding, surrounding scaffolding.