The specific way of post-production inspection of scaffolding

Oct 27, 2018

One of the most important aspects of the scaffolding before it is put into use is the inspection. This step is very important to verify the quality of the product. After the scaffolding is erected and assembled, it shall be checked after inspection, acceptance and confirmation, and the work shall be carried out; the competent chief engineer, the shelf team leader and the full-time safety technicians shall be organized and checked together, and the acceptance form shall be filled out.


First of all, the basic treatment, practice and depth of scaffolding must be correct and reliable; the arrangement of the shelves, the spacing of the poles and the horizontal bars should meet the requirements; the erection and assembly of the shelves, including the choice of tool holders and key points, should meet the requirements. In addition, the wall points on the scaffolding or the fixed part of the structure should be safe and reliable; the scissor support and the diagonal support should meet the requirements.


Secondly, the safety protection and safety devices of the scaffolding should be effective; the tightening of the fasteners and the binding should be in accordance with the regulations. The installation of cranes, wire ropes and booms for scaffolding should be safe and reliable, and the laying of scaffolding should comply with the regulations. Usually, regular manufacturers will do this very well, making scaffolding widely used in advertising, municipal, transportation, road, and mining departments.