The specifications for aluminum scaffolding vary according to height

Jul 20, 2019

Before the aluminum scaffolding is set up, the erection plan should be determined according to the characteristics of the work type and the construction process. The content should include the basic treatment, the erection requirements, the spacing of the members and the position of the connecting rods, the connection method, and draw the construction details and large drawings. When the aluminum scaffolding is sized to meet the requirements, the corresponding rods can no longer be designed. However, the bearing capacity of the wall and the foundation of the pole should be designed and calculated according to the actual load and the construction drawing should be drawn.

When the aluminum scaffolding height is 25-50m, the overall stability of the scaffold should be structurally strengthened. For example, the longitudinal scissors support must be set continuously, the transverse scissors support is added, the strength of the wall rod is correspondingly increased, the spacing is reduced, and the scaffolding with a height of more than 40 m is set in the windy area. Considering the upward urging force of the wind vortex, the horizontal connection should be set. At the same time of wall parts, there should also be wall-connecting measures against rising and tumbling to ensure the safety of aluminum scaffolding.

When the aluminum scaffolding height exceeds 50m, it can be reinforced by double poles or segmented unloading. The scaffolding and beam-slab structure are hoisted along the full-height section of the scaffold, and part of the load of the scaffold is transmitted to the building; or The segmented erection is used to carry the scaffolding of each section to the cantilever beam and frame that is extended by the building, and is designed and calculated.

The design calculations for aluminum scaffolding must comply with the relevant regulations of the scaffolding specifications and be approved by the technical person in charge of the enterprise. The construction plan of the aluminum scaffolding should be consistent with the type of scaffolding set up on the construction site. When the type of scaffolding is changed at the site, the scaffolding plan must be re-modified and approved before