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Types of cantilevered scaffolding and their erection requirements

Mar 06, 2019

There are two kinds of cantilever scaffolds. One is to pick one layer at a time. The bottom of the pole is placed on the floor, beam or wall. After the structure is fixed to the outside, the crossbar and the paving board are constructed on the upper part. Layer, construction one layer height, after being transferred to the upper layer, then set up scaffolding from the head to supply the upper layer construction.


The other is a multi-layer cantilever scaffolding, which divides the full-height scaffolding into several sections. The height of each section does not exceed 20m. The cantilever beam or cantilever frame is used as a scaffolding. The method can set up scaffolding beyond 50m, and the cantilevered scaffolding façade must be full of scissors.


The overhanging scaffolding is also subject to specifications. For example, one-time overhanging scaffolding should not exceed 20M; steel cantilever should adopt biaxially symmetric I-beam; the height of the cantilevered steel beam should not be less than 160mm, anchored steel U-shaped steel ring or anchor bolt diameter should not be less than 16mm.


The steel wire rope of the cantilevered scaffold adopts the structure of the lifting ring to use HPB235 grade steel bar, the diameter should not be less than 20mm; the anchoring orientation should be less than 120mm when the floor is set on the floor, and the reinforcement method should be adopted if it is less than 120mm; the cantilever beam is generally 2m, partially cantilevered Should not exceed 3m.www.eg-scaffold.com