Ultra-high aluminum scaffolding features and erection techniques

Jul 20, 2018

Compared with the general structure, the ultra-high aluminum scaffold not only has a large load variability; and the rigidity of the joint is related to the quality of the fastener and the quality of the installation, and the performance of the node is greatly changed. Therefore, when setting up ultra-high aluminum scaffolding, you need to pay more attention to some details.


In the super-high aluminum scaffolding, it should be noted that the foundation is flat and solid, the base and the pad are set, and reliable drainage measures are taken to prevent the water from immersing the foundation. According to the setting condition of the wall bar and the load size, the open double-row scaffolding pole is usually used; the vertical horizontal rod should be arranged on the inner side of the vertical pole; the vertical horizontal rod can be used as the butt fastener or the overlapping.


A horizontal horizontal rod must be installed at the main node of the ultra-high aluminum scaffold to be fastened with a right angle fastener and it is strictly forbidden to remove. The center distance of the two right angle fasteners at the main node should not be greater than 150 mm. In the double-row scaffolding, the outer horizontal extension of the horizontal horizontal rod against the end of the wall shall not be greater than 0.4 times the horizontal distance of the vertical pole, and shall not be greater than 500 mm; the horizontal horizontal rod at the non-main node on the working layer shall be based on the supporting scaffold Need to be equally spaced, the maximum spacing should not be greater than 1/2 of the longitudinal distance.


Super-high aluminum scaffolding work layer scaffolding should be covered and stabilized, leaving the wall 120~150mm; the bottom of each pole should be provided with a base or a pad. The longitudinal sweeping rod should be fixed with a right angle fastener on a pole that is no more than 200mm from the base of the base. The horizontal sweeping rod should also be fastened to the pole below the longitudinal sweeping bar with right angle fasteners. http://www.eg-scaffold.com/