Various calculation methods in the construction of the scaffold

Dec 06, 2018

There are many places in the construction of scaffold that need to be calculated in advance, so that the project construction can be carried out more reasonably and safely. In the calculation process, some difficult places will be encountered. How to calculate these places has become a concern problem.


The first is the calculation of the outer scaffold of the building plus layer, which is calculated by multiplying the top surface height of the outdoor floor to the external wall masonry by the perimeter of the outer wall; the corresponding outer step hand frame is multiplied by a factor of 0.5. In the calculation of the width of the building is narrow, the upper outer scaffold is erected on the lower roof, and the upper outer scaffold should be set at a height from the lower roof to the upper mouth.


Under normal circumstances, the height of the outer wall of the parapet wall on the outer wall can be counted to the top surface of the parapet wall; when the vertical height of the gutter baffle exceeds 50 cm, the scaffold can be calculated like the parapet wall. If the main structure of the construction is used, the calculation of the outer scaffold shall be calculated according to the provisions of the corresponding external scaffolding, and the turnover material in the fixed sub-item shall be multiplied by a factor of 0.7. When calculating interior wall scaffolding, it is usually not necessary to deduct the height occupied by the ring