What are the advantages and disadvantages of scaffolding

Aug 13, 2019

Advantages of scaffolding:

1) The bearing capacity is large. When the geometrical dimensions and structure of the scaffold meet the requirements of the standard, under normal conditions, the bearing capacity of the single-column column of the scaffold can reach 15kN ~ 35kN (1.5tf ~ 3.5tf, design value).

2) Packing and disposing of the toilet, set up sensitive. Since the length of the steel pipe is easy to adjust and the fasteners are cumbersome to connect, the scaffolding for buildings and structures of various planes and facades can be complied with.

3) Compare the economy. The processing is simple, and the investment cost is low at one time; assuming that the geometrical dimensions of the scaffold are carefully designed and the utilization rate of the steel pipe is improved, the data usage can also obtain a good economic effect. The fastener steel pipe frame is equivalent to about 15 kg of steel per square meter of construction.

Defects in scaffolding:

1) The fastener (especially its screw) is easily lost;

2) The rods at the joints are eccentrically connected, and the load and internal force are transmitted by the anti-sliding force, thus reducing the bearing capacity;

3) The joint quality of the fastener nodes is significantly affected by the quality of the fastener itself and the operation of the worker.

Scaffolding compliance:

1) Construct scaffolding, formwork and other support frames in various ways;

2) assembling the well frame;

3) Set up ramps, work sheds, stands and other temporary structures,

4) As an aid to other kinds of scaffolding, strengthen the rod;