What are the advantages of adjustable base in aluminum scaffolding?

Apr 03, 2018

At present, aluminum scaffolding on the market can be divided into two types according to whether there are adjustable bases. One is an aluminum scaffolding without an adjustable base, and the other is an aluminum scaffolding with an adjustable base. The adjustable base mentioned here refers to an accessory used in the aluminum scaffolding for connecting the casters and the frame.


In actual use, the adjustable base of the aluminum scaffolding can be arbitrarily adjusted within a certain range according to the specific conditions of the ground leveling, so that the aerial work platform plate of the aluminum scaffolding remains stable. Therefore, the aluminum scaffolding without an adjustable base has a high requirement for the use of the ground leveling, because the flatness of the ground directly affects the stability of the erected aluminum scaffold.


If you use an aluminum scaffolding without an adjustable base on an uneven ground, the staff standing on it will obviously feel the scaffolding shaking and easily roll over or collapse, resulting in very serious consequences. At this time, the aluminum alloy scaffolding will be more sensitive to external forces, making high-altitude operations more risky.


The aluminum scaffolding with adjustable base can overcome the above problems, it has low ground requirements for construction, and it can achieve the most stable working state by combining the actual different ground type. Today, most of the aluminum scaffolding is designed to be adjustable 0.4m-0.6m. The construction personnel can adjust according to the specific ground conditions, until the working platform levelness conform to the requirements of aluminum alloy scaffolding safety and ensure the overall stability of the scaffold.


In addition, the aluminum scaffolding can be built on the steps of the ground.  It is only convenient to adjust the height of the adjustable base at the bottom to meet the requirements of the stepped floor. Therefore, you should choose the aluminum scaffolding with adjustable base, which is more convenient to use.http://www.eg-scaffold.com/