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What are the advantages of aluminum scaffolding

Jul 30, 2019

The speed of aluminum scaffolding is 6 times that of steel pipe fastener scaffolding, 4 times of door frame and more than 3 times of bowl frame, which greatly reduces the construction period and greatly reduces labor costs. At the same time, the amount of steel used for aluminum scaffolding can be reduced by 30% under the same load, further reducing the cost of use.

Secondly, the aluminum scaffold has high safety, adopts the in-line connection method, without any spare parts, and minimizes the unsafe hidden trouble caused by the movable locking parts of the traditional scaffolding; and the connecting node has reliable self-locking ability. During continuous use and vibration during use, the locking will be further improved and the stability is excellent.

In addition, aluminum scaffolding uses high-quality aluminum alloy as the main material, making the entire scaffolding lighter and improving material utilization, which helps to reduce the production cost of the enterprise.