What are the advantages of the guided lift scaffolding and the large formwork?

Aug 22, 2018

With the continuous development of the scale and speed of various construction projects, higher requirements are placed on building scaffolding and large formwork. Because of this, safe, economical and practical guide seat lifting scaffolding and large formwork applications are born.


Compared with the traditional floor-standing double-row scaffolding, the guide-type lifting scaffolding greatly reduces the material used for one-time input, thereby improving the utilization rate of the turnover material. Since the guide-type lifting scaffold is easy to operate, the operation is less likely to be mishandled. Low intensity and reduced labor input.


Since the tower crane is not occupied during the use process, the construction progress is accelerated; in addition, the guide seat type lifting scaffold can realize the continuous multi-layer lifting or lowering, especially in the decoration stage, the frame can be lowered by four layers at one time, which can better meet the decoration. Construction requirements.


According to the characteristics of the project, the all-steel large formwork is selected as the leading formwork for structural construction, and the cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall is the leading process to organize the rhythmically balanced construction. With this construction method, the construction process is simple, the construction speed is fast, the engineering structure is good, and the seismic performance is strong. The concrete structure of the sheared wall concrete poured is good, and no plastering is needed, which can reduce the process, save resources and reduce construction rubbish.http://www.eg-scaffold.com/