What are the basic characteristics of aluminum scaffolding products

Mar 02, 2019

Aluminum scaffolding needs to be installed quickly to meet the demand, while also ensuring structural safety issues. This kind of aluminum scaffolding only needs to follow the steps to set the base in order. After the sleeve is set, the beam will be connected. After all the installation procedures are completed, the column truss can be slowly pulled up, so the construction is very convenient and can be done. According to the instructions, the installation and disassembly are reduced, and the installation cost is reduced. The free combination makes the alloy structure easy to disassemble and convenient.


Generally, the service life of the aluminum scaffolding cross-frame structure is determined by the corrosion resistance and structural design of the product. Therefore, the design of the aluminum scaffold is more elaborate, the welding process is more advanced, and the system is waterproof and corrosion-proof before leaving the factory. The outer coating film ensures that the structure is protected from corrosive substances and rust is prevented, which greatly increases the service life of the aluminum scaffold.


Usually the weight of metal building materials is relatively heavy, so logistics freight is also one of the important expenses, especially for a large number of wholesale wholesalers, which makes the profit rate greatly reduced, but the weight of aluminum scaffolding is relatively light, so in transportation It can save most of the logistics costs.


Aluminum scaffolding has been fully considered in the design of wind resistance, especially in areas with high winds in outdoor environments, it can also be used in this kind of aluminum frame, its structure is scientific, the material itself has strong wind resistance, and the base is also more Stable, so it is not easy to dump under strong wind.www.eg-scaffold.com