What are the conventional types of scaffolding?

May 05, 2018

In fact, there are many types of scaffolding, and depending on the project, the type of scaffolding chosen is also different. No matter which kind of scaffolding, it is basically used on the construction site for exterior walls, interior decoration, or places where the height is too high to be directly constructed. It is mainly for construction workers to work up and down, or to maintain external safety nets, and to install components at high altitudes. .


In a word, scaffolding refers to devices built on the outside of walls and walls of buildings and equipment, as well as devices built inside the building for laying and decorating floors on various floors and inside the equipment. It is usually made of bamboo and wood. , steel or synthetic materials.


From the perspective of the use of scaffolding to distinguish, there are mainly scaffolding, scaffolding, full scaffolding, picking scaffolding. Of course, the type of scaffolding can also be divided according to the setting form, including single row, double row, multiple row, full hall, full height, crossover, special type and the like.


Among them, full scaffolding refers to a chessboard-type scaffold erected on the installation and decoration of indoor ceilings, installation of working surfaces, etc. It is mainly used for the decoration of the top of buildings with single-storey factory buildings, exhibition halls, and gymnasiums. construction. Usually consists of poles, crossbars, braces, scissors and other components.


This full scaffolding can be simply divided into two types, one is mainly used for the platform for personnel operation, and the other is mainly used to bear the load support frame, and the load support frame must be checked to ensure that it is in use. It's time to stay firm.


The foundation of the scaffolding is quite important. Below the independent foundation is a "bulking floor" different from the previous single foundation excavation. It is mostly used in projects with poor geological conditions and small floor space. Only by laying a solid foundation, scaffolding erected on it can ensure safety and stability.


In short, no matter what type of scaffolding is used, it must be taken care of when erecting it. Do not overlook some small details. Often it will directly affect the normal use of the scaffold in the later period, and thus affect the construction conditions of the construction project.http://www.eg-scaffold.com/