What are the elements of high quality and safe aluminum scaffolding?

Dec 28, 2018

At present, in the construction of domestic construction, more and more construction units have begun to use mobile aluminum scaffolding for construction, with obvious benefits. Most of the aluminum scaffolds we can see are made by welding, which requires the welding process to have strict quality control in production.


In the opinion of industry experts, aluminum scaffolding can better ensure the safety of operations. Among them, small parts such as inclined supports, universal casters and special guardrail frames are important factors for safety. In summary, a complete set of aluminum scaffolding should include: frame, tie rod, diagonal tie rod, guardrail frame, H guardrail, skirting board, platform board, universal caster, adjustable legs, diagonal support, etc.


Mobile aluminum scaffolding is different from the common fixed iron scaffolding platform, and improper use is also an important reason. Before building and using aluminum scaffolding, all components and tubes need to be inspected to ensure that the parts are intact and that the tubes are free of cracks, squeezing and bumps. When constructing, make sure that the floor of the building and aluminum scaffolding provides adequately stable and strong support.


When working in an environment with external support, consult the supplier or manufacturer and work under the guidance of the supplier. When moving aluminum scaffolding, you need to pay attention to the nearby electrical appliances, such as the wires in the air; everyone must leave the scaffolding and clean up all the debris under the rack.www.eg-scaffold.com