What are the main categories of aluminum scaffolding? What are the characteristics of the products?

May 16, 2018

Compared with the traditional steel scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding has undergone certain changes, so its application scope has gradually expanded. The aluminum scaffolding can be roughly divided into three categories: fixed-type scaffolding, mobile scaffolding and suspended scaffolding, in which the fixed-type scaffolding is in turn Including aluminum scaffolding and frame scaffold two categories.


When distinguishing from the perspective of the connection mode, the aluminum scaffold is divided into various types such as fastener type and socket type; the frame type scaffold has various types such as door type, ladder type and triangle type. As for the fastener-type aluminum scaffolding, it is mainly composed of aluminum tubes and fasteners, and has the characteristics of simple processing, convenient handling, and strong versatility. It has become the most popular scaffold in China today.


In the construction of high-rise buildings, different aluminum scaffoldings can be used as external scaffolds, one is cantilevered scaffolding, and the external scaffolding can be erected in sections and can be arranged at a certain height and horizontally arranged around the building to support the aluminum scaffolding. And the construction load is borne by the cantilevered support frame.


There is also a suspended scaffolding, which directly adopts the method of sub-loading the floor-standing scaffolding. That is, a hanging piece is placed on every 5 floors and is hung on the built-in rings of the building at the upper end of the hanging piece. The lower end of the crane is suspended at the intersection of the main pole and the large and small crossbars, and the weight of the scaffold above the hoisting point and the construction load are transmitted to the building by the boom.


Of course, the socket-type scaffolding is also a form of a single-tube scaffold, and its structure is basically similar to that of a fastener-type aluminum pipe scaffold. It is mainly composed of a main rod, a cross rod, a diagonal rod, an adjustable base, and the like, but the main rod and the horizontal rod The connection between the rod and the oblique sign is not using fasteners, but welding the socket on the main rod, welding the plug on the cross rod and the diagonal rod, and assembling the plug into the human socket to various sizes of aluminum scaffolding.


In addition to the above-mentioned several types of aluminum scaffolding has been commonly used in practice, there are still some products are constantly improving, such as bowl-type aluminum scaffolding, this scaffolding socket consists of upper and lower bowls and limit pin, in diameter 48 two A set of bowl sockets are arranged on the main pole at regular intervals. When assembling, the plugs at both ends of the crossbar are inserted into the lower bowl, the upper bowl is fastened and rotated, and the upper surface of the bowl spiral surface is pressed by the limit pin, and each node can be simultaneously Connect 4 crossbars.