What are the safe use specifications for aluminum scaffolding

Mar 04, 2019

Aluminum scaffolding is made of single-bar aluminum tubes as a raw material, so there is no height limit, more flexible than gantry scaffolding, suitable for any height, any site, any complex engineering environment. Of course, the application process must also comply with the corresponding specifications.


The requirements for the foundation of the aluminum scaffold are the same as those of the general scaffold. When the foundation is not flat, please use the adjustable base foot, adjust to the use height, and lock the caster to achieve balance. At the same time, the foundation must have the ability to withstand scaffolding and pressure during work.


Because aluminum scaffolding is light in weight and needs to be protected from exposure to wind, gusts or intermediate breeze, it is recommended that when the wind speed reaches 7.7 m/s or more, stop working on the tower. 3. Safety belts must be attached during the construction and high-altitude work. Install a safety net around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and injuring others.


When the aluminum scaffolding is required to be used independently, when the height of the tower exceeds 4 times the width of the bottom, the diagonal support must be installed and installed as required. The components and accessories of aluminum scaffolding are strictly prohibited from falling and hitting during transportation and storage. When lapping and disassembling, it is strictly forbidden to throw from high places. When disassembling, it should be operated from top to bottom. After use, organize the components and accessories to store them for convenient use.www.eg-scaffold.com