What are the safety nets for scaffolding

Dec 27, 2018

During the application of scaffolding, the erection of the safety net is indispensable. The width of the flat net shall not be less than 3m, the length shall not be more than 6m, the height of the vertical net shall not be less than 1.2m, the mesh shall be set according to the requirements of use, and the maximum shall not be less than 10cm. For vinylon, nylon, nylon and other materials, it is strictly forbidden to use damaged or decaying safety nets and polypropylene mesh; the dense mesh safety net is only allowed to be used as a vertical net.


The safety net of the scaffolding should be parallel to the horizontal plane or low in the outer high and low, generally 15o is suitable; the load height of the net is generally not more than 6m (including 6m), and it is allowed to exceed 6m, but the maximum is not more than 10m, due to construction needs, and must be Additional safety measures such as wire rope buffering. When the load height is less than 5m (including 5m), the net should protrude at least 2.5m from the building (or the edge working point). When the load height is more than 5m to 10m, it should extend at least 3m.


The scaffolding safety net should not be stretched too tightly. When the nets with widths of 3m and 4m are installed, the horizontal projections are 2.5m and 3.5m respectively. The maximum clearance between the safety net plane and the edge of the plane supporting the operator must not exceed 10 cm. The spacing of the slashes for supporting the safety net should be no more than 4m.


The work can only be removed after the work in the protected area of the scaffold has stopped. Demolition must be carried out under the close supervision of experienced personnel; it should be top-down, and other fall protection and physical strike measures should be taken according to site conditions, such as wearing seat belts and helmets.www.eg-scaffold.com