What are the specifications for scaffolding steel pipes

Aug 03, 2019

First of all, according to different standards, scaffolding can be divided into a large number of categories, from the basic diameter length and other aspects of the scaffolding steel pipe specifications to answer. The most common way of dividing is to divide according to the diameter of the steel pipe. Generally, there are the following four specifications: 3cm, 2.75cm, 3.25cm, 2cm. There are also many different specifications in terms of length. The general length is required to be between 1-6.5m. Other lengths can be processed according to actual customer needs. In addition to the diameter and length, there are corresponding specifications for the thickness, which is generally within the thickness requirements of 2.4-2.7mm.

In addition to the above mentioned, the specific material requirements are also one of the answers to the specifications of the scaffolding steel pipe. Generally, the materials for scaffolding are made of Q195, Q215 and Q235. These three materials have the widest range of applications, and the performance is very good and the texture is hard. Ideal for scaffolding, it ensures the safety of the construction environment and the normal construction of workers.

I believe that through the introduction of the basic contents of the above-mentioned scaffolding, the majority of people who have doubts about the specifications of the scaffolding steel pipe have eliminated doubts. In the selection process of the specific scaffolding, you can refer to the scaffolding standards mentioned above. You can make the most appropriate choices for your actual needs. Of course, if you still have some confusion about this problem, you can find answers from more professional people.