What are the steps for the acceptance of aluminum scaffolding?

Jul 27, 2018

After the construction of the aluminum scaffolding is completed, the person in charge of the construction will convene the technical, safety supervision, and erection of the three parties of the team, carrying a torque wrench for appearance and actual inspection. The first step is to observe the vertical deviation of the aluminum scaffold in whole or in part, especially the four corners of the scaffold and the two ports at the opening and breaking, whether it is skewed or sinking. If any abnormality is found, personnel should be organized immediately for reinforcement.


The second is to inspect the bamboo rafts under the aluminum scaffolding, repair the broken ribs in time, and fill the holes. At the same time, the lashing points of the bamboo rafts should be inspected at the same time; the fastening and displacement reinforcement of the wall bars are combined. For the part that affects the construction, the technical department shall make measures to change the displacement, and the operator shall not arbitrarily shift the wall rod.


At the same time, it is necessary to carefully check whether the binding of the root of the dense mesh is loose, whether the rope is broken, and find that the loose is restored in time, and the broken person is found to be replaced in time. Also remove materials, masonry, lumps, and other debris that accumulate in the hazardous parts of the aluminum scaffold. In addition, it is necessary to supervise the materials stacked by the personnel so that they do not exceed the construction load.http://www.eg-scaffold.com/