What factors should be considered when selecting scaffolding for aluminum scaffolding?

Sep 19, 2018

When aluminum scaffolding is equipped with casters, the first consideration is the material of the casters. This aspect should be combined with the size of the paving, obstacles, residual materials, environmental conditions and the weight of the wheels that can be carried. Consider the flexibility of the casters.


Secondly, to determine the diameter of the casters of the aluminum scaffold, the larger diameter wheel is usually easier to obtain greater load capacity, but also to protect the wheel itself from damage. The choice of the size of the wheel diameter should first consider the load weight of the bearing. And the starting thrust is decided.


In order to better support the aluminum scaffolding work, the bearing of the aluminum scaffolding casters is also important to calculate clearly; in order to be able to calculate the bearing capacity of various casters, the aluminum scaffolding manufacturers must know the weight and maximum load of the transport equipment, and use The number of single wheels and casters.


In addition, do not ignore the influence of temperature on the aluminum scaffold casters, especially in the freezing and high temperature environment, the impact on the casters is very large; so when choosing the caster material, it is better to choose the temperature resistance, to ensure that Can be used flexibly in a variety of environments.https://www.eg-scaffold.com/