What is scaffolding to meet the basic requirements

Jan 16, 2017

1, its width shall meet the workers ' action, material stacking and transport requirements. Width of the scaffold General 2m, min shall not be less than 1.5M. regardless of the type of scaffold erection, scaffold materials and processing must comply with the requirements of quality, an absolute prohibition on the use of substandard materials for erection of scaffolding to prevent accidents.
2, scaffold erection must be scaffold safety operation regulation in General, for more than 15m high scaffolding, design, calculation, there must have detailed, has set up programmes, technical director for approval at a higher level, having written security technology to give the low-down before you can set up. Have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability.
3, for the dangerous and special cranes, pick, hanging, sockets, stacking shelves also must be designed and approved. Separate safety and technical measures, to set up. Take down simple, convenient, and can be repeatedly used.
4, according to local conditions, local materials, saving as much as possible the use of materials. Construction team after accepting the task, all personnel must be organized, serious understanding of construction organization design of scaffold safety and safety technology to give the low-down, on the installation method, and skilled, experienced technicians are responsible for setting technical guidance and care.