What is the application range of aluminum scaffolding

Jul 05, 2018

Aluminum scaffolding has the characteristics of quick installation, firmness, flexibility and adaptability. All parts of the product are treated by hot dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment. It is durable and beautiful. It is an ideal auxiliary construction equipment for the construction industry and the decoration industry. It is especially suitable for Construction, decoration, and maintenance of buildings, parking lots, entrances and exits, gates, billboards, etc. in small places and complex shapes.


The aluminum scaffold has good stability, the walkway between the layers is flat, the overall structure is stable and reliable, and the operating environment is neat and uniform. In order to ensure long-term use of the product without rust, the inner and outer surfaces of the product are treated by hot dip galvanizing to improve the corrosion resistance of the surface and prolong the service life.


The aluminum scaffolding products are designed reasonably, and are used in series, which is convenient for transportation, storage and on-site management. It creates favorable conditions for standardization and civilized management of the construction site. In addition, it does not need other tools for its erection and disassembly, and it is convenient to operate, fast, and safe at high altitude. It is an ideal material for construction.


For the time being, aluminum scaffolding has been widely used in the construction and maintenance of industrial and civil buildings such as factories, large stadiums, convention centers, stages, billboards, shopping malls, stations, terminals, airports, bridges, tunnels, subways, shipbuilding, etc. Easy to install, save time and effort.