What should I pay attention to during the process of moving scaffolding?

Jul 21, 2018

If it is necessary to move the scaffold, first lift the bracket by installing the steering wheel and the adjusting screw, and then insert the adjusting screw into the gantry riser to lock the wheel. It should be noted that it must be used according to the specified or designed load, and overload is strictly prohibited.


The load on the scaffolding work surface, including the scaffolding board, personnel, tools and materials, shall be controlled according to the specified values when the organization design is not specified, that is, the structural scaffolding shall not exceed 3KN/m2; the decoration scaffold shall not exceed 2KN/m2; maintenance Scaffolding does not exceed 1KN/m2.


At the same time, the number of scaffolding layers and working layers of scaffolding shall not exceed the regulations; the load stress of the frame shall be evenly distributed to avoid the load being concentrated on one side; the vertical transportation and vertical foundation construction shall meet the requirements, and the scope shall be removed within the scope of the frame. Miscellaneous, level the site, do a good job of drainage.


Before the scaffolding moves, let all the workers go down from the scaffolding platform to the ground; the moving speed is less than 0.75m/s; before moving, if the universal wheel fails to turn to the position due to ground friction, etc., do not force push and pull the bracket The wheel is damaged and the bracket is tipped over; the bracket should be prevented from being subjected to sudden horizontal impact and impact.http://www.eg-scaffold.com/