Wheeled scaffolding with a range of advanced designs

Jul 29, 2019

The wheeled scaffolding can realize the rapid setting of the scaffolding, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the verticality and the level are adjusted quickly. The wheeled scaffold has no movable locking parts, and the connecting node has the self-locking ability. Even if it is constantly pressed and vibrated during use, the locking will be further improved and the stability is good. The traditional scaffolding leaves a great safety hazard due to the presence of the movable locking member.

The performance of each node of the wheeled scaffold is relatively balanced, the pressure is in a reasonable distribution state, and the torsion resistance is high. The theoretical data of the eccentricity of the poles is zero, which greatly improves the axial compression capacity of the poles and has a strong bearing capacity. Under the same layout, the load capacity is 3 times that of the fastener steel frame and more than 2 times that of the bowl buckle frame. 

The wheeled scaffold consists of only the pole and the crossbar, which solves the problem that the traditional scaffold is easy to be lost and easily damaged due to the movable parts, and the input cost is reduced. The simple structure also makes management and transportation more convenient, and at the same time ensures the civilized and clean construction site.