Why EGT rapid clamp can be durable?

Aug 22, 2019

The rapid clamp is a popular item in formwork industry.

Why is it popular? Let’s prove it from the following aspects.

Before that, we brief the item again. Rapid clamp consists of the base made of ductile iron and the pin made of forged steel and the rivet for installing.


1.The ductile iron base ensure it has a firm base on the formwork panel.

2.Our rapid clamp can fit diameter 8mm to 12mm steel rebar. Normal products can only 8-10mm.

3.The main advantages mainly lies in the process of the pin. We use A3 steel grade which is normal carbon steel. But when the black piece is finished, we put it in carburization. It turns out the hardness of the pin is at least HRC50. The other competitors can make it HCR less than 45 using kind of alloyed steel. Compared to HRC40-50, HRC50 ensure much more times that the steel rebar go through the the rapid clamp by punching tightly the pin. If the hardness is quite low, the teeth will be out of shape when used one or 2 times.

Above all, the teen of the pin is sharp and deep.


After carburization, the oil and rust goes away by ball blasting. Then it comes to electro zinc plating (acid pickling must be done before galvanising ). When finished, the surface will look perfect.


The pulling force of our rapid clamp is max. 31KN which is significant. Low quality rapid clamp can just meet up to just around 10KN.


4.The base and the pin are erected into an entire by punching the rivet into the pin.

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