Scaffolding Basic Parameters Required

Jun 08, 2017
Scaffolding Basic Parameters Required

Scaffolding refers to the construction site for the workers to operate and solve the vertical and horizontal transport and erected various stents. General terms of the construction industry, refers to the construction site used in the external walls, Scaffolding interior decoration or high height can not be directly the construction of the place.

Scaffolding basic parameters required

(1) steel pipe material requirements: steel pipe should be used national standard GB / T13793 or GB / T3091 specified in the Q235 ordinary steel pipe, type should adopt Φ48.3 × 3.6mm (program according to Φ48 × 3.0mm calculation), material approach should be provided Product certification and acceptance, Scaffolding qualified before put into use.

(2) fasteners into the construction site should check the product certification, and should be sampled re-test, technical performance should be consistent with the national standard "steel scaffold fastener" provisions, fastener appearance inspection without cracks in the bolt tightening torque of 65N · m , Shall not be destroyed.

(3) the outer frame of the steel pipe must be anti-rust treatment, rust after brush a rust paint and two paint.

(4) wood footboard model 3000 (6000) × 200 (250) × 50, both ends of the Φ1.6mm galvanized iron wire banding; steel mesh scaffold with HPB235Φ6 steel production section 40mm pitch, with Φ1.6mm galvanized iron wire fixed Small bar.

Scaffolding frame base

Floor scaffolding base must be flattened compaction, on the basis of the length of the scaffolding should be set along the direction of the pad, pad material can be used wood scaffold or channel; Scaffolding scaffolding base should be taken to organize drainage, surrounded by drains.

Scaffolding Construction Description:

1) 150mm at the bottom of the vertical bar to set the vertical and horizontal sweeping pole, Scaffolding longitudinal sweeping rod in the upper and lower sweeping pole in the next, are connected with the pole.

2) scaffolding pole base is not at the same height, the height of the longitudinal sweep must be extended to the lower extension of the two spans and pole fixed, height difference of not more than 1m, Scaffolding by the slope above the pole axis to the slope of the distance should not Less than 500mm.

Bar arrangement

Scaffolding construction operation surface must be full of scaffolding, Scaffolding from the wall shall not be greater than 20cm, no gap and probe board, fly springboard;

The outside of the operating surface should be set up a body railings and a 20cm high foot plate;

When the distance between the inner pole and the building is greater than 150mm, it must be closed.

Scaffolding construction layer operating surface below the clearance distance of more than 3.0m, you must set a level of safety net, double row of the mouth and the structure between the external walls can not be protected when the laying of scaffolding;

The frame must be enclosed by a dense safety net along the inside of the outer frame, Scaffolding and the safety net must be connected firmly and tightly closed and fixed to the frame.